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Urgent: Write to Gale Brewer to Stop the Second Sanitation Garage!

We need as many people as possible to contact Gale Brewer about the proposed Sanitation Garage. She alone makes the go / no-go decision as the next step.

Here are some tips:

When is the deadline?  We recommend sending something by May 1st. Her deadline is around ten days later, but she will need time to consider all the facts, and her team will need time to include your contribution in whatever analysis and briefing they prepare for her.

Should I write, or email or sign an online petition? A written letter probably has most impact but any/all three help.

How do I communicate with her?

  • Mail: Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer, 431 West 125th Street
, New York, NY 10027
  • Email:
  • Online petitions:
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    • ‪ ‬

What are some points to include in a physical letter or email?

  • Your name and address if you live locally (in Harlem).
  • Saturation of garbage truck activity in our neighborhood.   We already have one sanitation garage on 131st and Park, this would be a second (some other neighborhoods in NYC have zero), located next to a bus depot.   The Department of Sanitation is failing to apply fair share principles in its proposal.   The mayor just today signed a bill establishing a NYC working group on Environmental Justice.   Great timing – we want Environmental Justice for East Harlem!
  • Quality of the proposed facility. The current proposal is for an open air site with a boundary wall.  Recent (or proposed) garage buildings in other neighborhoods have had state-of-the-art facilities – Tribeca’s cost quarter of a billion dollars! Now apparently the Sanitation Department can’t find money for anything other than a cheap, dirty facility in Harlem, in a neighborhood with a high rate of child asthma.
  • Impact on economic development: The East Harlem rezoning Plan seeks to bring additional activity to a neighborhood that has suffered from under-investment for years. Another sanitation garage in the neighborhood – right next to the new bus depot that will accompany the African Burial Ground – will inhibit development again.
  • Bad location: The proposed site is next to, or very close to, a cancer hospital, a park, and the proposed African Burial Ground Memorial.

Should I reference HNBA in my letter?  No, there’s no need, you are writing as a private resident.

Do not describe the planned site as a dump….you will undermine your letter. The city is not planning to store garbage there, it plans to park, clean and refuel trucks.

Do ask friends and neighbors to join the campaign and write to Gale.   Politicians listen when large numbers of people speak up.

Finally – IMPORTANT – please register with us in some way so tat we can stay in contact:

Instagram: @HNBAorg
Twitter @HNBAorg
Google Groups: Harlem Neighborhood Block Association

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