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“Odyssey House”, forgets how to be a good Neighbor to East 126th St. states 15 ways to be a good neighbor.

Odyssey House, would do well to practice them. First let’s start off with the ways that speak to our neighborhood and Odyssey house.


  1. Introduce yourself.
  2.  Consider your neighbors’ lifestyle.
  3. Keep your yard and garden tidy.
  4. Put rubbish/garbage out on the right day.
  5. Communicate with your neighbor.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings, as well as theirs.
  7. Be nice to your new neighbors.

These are pretty easy. OH ( Odyssey House ) did invite us to meet with them early March of 2016. They invited us to one of their facilities to see how it is run and even provide a meal for us. The notifies us that None of Their Properties are Managed poorly and went so far as to state that should the community feel like the property at 52-54 East 126th St. NY, NY 10035 (they took ownership of it in January of 2016) be neglected under their ownership, that we should reach out to them immediately. Specifically the following employees promised they would get back to any and all concerns in a timely manner.

Tina Mitchell

Project Manager, Odyssey House / 212-361-1679

Isobelle Surface

SVP, Director of Communications, Odyssey House
After many, many, many emails, phone calls, and even letters to these individuals as well as the Odyssey House organization with no response,  we believe that either those responsible for community relations at Odyssey House are Ignoring us, or they are Missing ( and the NYPD should look into their Whereabouts immediately 😉 )


So what is the Harlem Neighborhood Block Association asking of Odyssey House?


Odyssey House stated, in our Meet & Greet with them, that they would begin construction on the site on late Oct. 2016. This has not happened as of this Blog Post. Furthermore, the abandon building that they took over responsibility for is Health Hazard, Rat Home, Drug Location, And Toilet. Yes, there is feces all over the court yards of these two building any given day during the week.

Here are just some of the pictures neighbors have taken since OH broke off communication with us ( mid Summer of this year ):

garbage-1 garbage-2 garbage-3 garbage-4 garbage-5 garbage-6

Our 100+ member organization has “Broke The Internet” by putting in 100s of Trash complaints via the NYC311 Application for mobile users with the Department of Sanitation.

It should also be pointed out that we ( the Harlem Neighborhood Block Association ) were unexpected graced with a representative for Letitia James, Adrienne Felton. Who came to our meeting asking how she and Letitia James could help our organization. We spoke to this issue, to which Adrienne stated “She would get her people on the Department of Sanitation.”……. WE ARE STILL Waiting.

Adrienne Felton
Office of NYC Public Advocate Letitia James
1 Centre Street-15th Floor New York, New York 10007
Office: 212-669-7683
The last time our organization heard from Adrienne was over a month ago:
“Good morning:

I hope that all are well! The rat complaints are being handle one by one.  I received confirmation from DOH on a few of them.  I am working hard at these complaints not being dealt with on a “one shot deal” basis.
I will follow up on the listing for the programs.  I believe the ask was to determine which has relationships with the government NYC and NYS?
I have been in touch with DOH regarding Odyssey House and I believe that DOH is going to visit them today.
I hope that this helps.  Forgive me for not following up, but trust that I am working 🙂
Will contact you soon.
Thank you for your leadership!”
Were just waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting to hear from People that came to our organization stating they would be in constant and immediate contact to queries……
We at the HNBA believe that that Adrienne Felton, might now be missing along with Isobelle Surface & Tina Mitchelle from Odyssey House… If you see them please, please, please, notify your local authorities. ( Also ask them what exactly they are doing about the Bathroom/Garbage Dump that is 52-54 East 126th Street!!!! )

As much as we are concerned about the above missing individuals, we are more concerned with our neighborhood turning into a Garbage Dump.

ODYSSEY HOUSE Needs to “Clean up their facilities” in North East Harlem ( East 126th St. ) and be a Good Neighbor to the community!!!!!!



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