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Action Required: Important next round in the fight against moving M11 Sanitation Garage to 127th Street – Land Use Phase

North East Harlem urgently needs your help again. Last month your messages to Gale Brewer helped convince her to oppose the M11 Garage plan – congratulations! Now we’re asking you to write again, this time to the City Planning Committee (CPC), as it takes an important decision on whether or not to approve land usage for the plan.


Unlike other neighborhoods in Manhattan, we don’t have the money for lawsuits, and we don’t have local celebrities using their star power to publicize our causes.    What we do have is a strong community, and a willingness to stand up and speak out to defend our neighborhood.  


Here’s what we’re asking you to do now:

  1. Submit your comments via the CPC website as soon as possible.   The deadline is “a week before the vote”. While the vote date is not yet set, and we hear it may be early…. so we’re recommending you submit comments immediately!
    • Access the CPC site via this link
    • In the first drop down menu choose “Manhattan”
    • In the second drop down choose: “C 170269 PCM – Manhattan District 11 Garage & Lot Cleaning Unit”
  2. In the comments section, cite any of the many reasons you have heard for opposing the plan – City fair-share principles (NE Harlem already has a garage), bad urban planning (right next to a ball field, a NEW HOSPITAL, new housing, 2 churches, 2 schools, and a senior center), justice (Tribeca got $250 MILLION for their garage, the plan for Harlem allocates around $30M), traffic issues (128th/2nd has been one of the worst areas in the city for truck accidents in the past), asthma / health impact (we have the worst asthma rates in the City).  Our previous blog goes into greater detail.
  3. Ask your friends, neighbors and other local organizations also to write the CPC.


Please act – you should be angry that the City continues to dump on us, damaging our health and the quality of our lives.   Our childhood Asthma hospitalization rates are multiples of those in other neighborhoods. Shockingly, the City’s own 2017 NYC Fair Share Document uses our neighborhood as an example of NYC and NYS’ failures:


”Manhattan Community District 11 embodies the legacy of decades of poor planning by and coordination between City and State governments and the failures of Fair Share.”


It then goes on to say:

“Distributional equity … also [includes] equity within community districts…. Yet Manhattan 11 fails this test of equity too, with one-third of the DHS, OASAS, and OMH beds in the district located between 116th St. and 126th St. between the East River and Park Avenue.”


We’re working with other neighborhood organizations as we fight for environmental justice for North East Harlem, and we need as many people in the community to stand up and be counted.   Please write to the CPC as soon as possible.


Finally, here’s some information for reference on the proposal, and outcomes in the earlier parts of the multi-step consultation process:

  • Community Board 11 has opposed the plan since 2013.   Elements of the plan (including DSNY’s environmental impact study) and the history of CB11’s statements about the plan can be found in this link:
  • Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, issued her recommendation against the plan on May 23rd, which you can download via this link:
    2017-05-23 MBP Recommendation re C 170269 PCM and C 170270 HCM – DSNY D…
  • The City Planning Committee (CPC) began deliberations on the plan with a public hearing on May 24th.   Several members of the community spoke at the hearing, including Hallia Baker representing HNBA.   The CPC has 60 days to vote on the plan, and while a date is not yet set, we believe there’s a chance they will vote early, at their meeting of June 21st.
  • Unfortunately Melissa Mark Viverito supports the plan, because she wants to get the garage off of 99th Street (which one local resident Bob notably described as Melissa “dividing East Harlem” at the last CB11 public hearing).



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